Her Majesty

The Outsiders

  • After the mission delivering the ‘peck’ of ‘tonic’ they discovered hidden coordinates in the whiskey bottles
  • Our crew finds them selves with a new goal, finding the Earth that was.
  • to avoid being ‘on the drift’, they needed supplies and fuel
  • the closest location was an uncharted planet on ‘The Rim’
  • They broke atmo and saw a civilization
  • They landed there and were welcomed by a few staring citizens
  • The City was Called “New-Cal” and was a mix of 1800’s Wild West and Fudal China culture.
  • They were warned to see Sheriff for there own protection
  • They go to a saloon called “Old San Francisco” [A big Restaurant with a swinging girl and a piano player, every thing looks as if it was the 1800’s on Earth That Was]
  • They Meet the Sheriff who tells them about the “Outsiders”
  • They decide that this is wasting time and they just need fuel and food then headed to the mysterious Coordinates that they are assuming lead to “The Earth That Was”
  • They buy food / herbs / cans of corn-beef hash
  • They get fueled up
  • when they are fueling, they are met by a group of people in masks
  • The leader is a menacing figure wearing a suit and a WWII German Gas Mask
  • They are escorted to a smaller ship on the outskirts
  • In the ship they are led to a conference room to be interrogated
  • The leader tells the rest to wait outside so they can talk
  • The door closes and the leader pulls off the gas mask revealing that it is a beautiful blonde girl
  • The Girls calls herself “Abigail” and calls Alvee her sister also implicating that they know some one named “Moms”
  • Abigail ‘Hornswoggled’ the “Outsiders” in to thinking that she was their leader as that she seems to be some kind of master of disguise in a secret organization head by some one called “Moms”
  • Alvee has no memory of this, or her and assumes she is working for Squirrel
  • Abigail started explaining about the conspiracy behind the coordinates
  • Before they could ‘size her up’ she was shot in the head by one of the outsiders that was checking in on them
  • Things ‘run afoul’ [Battle Instance]
  • they make it out and to Her Majesty just in time to blast off


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