Ross "Rawhide" Macintosh

Pilot of the Aces and Eights


One of eight children, Ross “Rawhide” Macintosh was born around 24882 and was the son of a struggling rancher. Along with his brothers and sisters, Macintosh had to work on the ranch in order to support his family, and, as a result, he never went to school. After his parents death, Macintosh and his siblings sold the ranch and shared the proceeds between themselves. Considering it the only way off the moon that had killed his parents, Macintosh put his share toward putting himself through flight school. Due to his lack of education during his younger years, the now 23-year-old Macintosh struggled in school; working twice as hard as anyone else, yet still only finishing at the bottom of the class.1
At some point, a group of Reavers, humans mutated during experiments by the Anglo-Sino Alliance, raided the home of Macintosh’s favorite sister, killing here and her family. Macintosh was the one who found their remains, and as a result, Reavers became the only thing in the ’Verse Macintosh truly hated.1

When the Unification War began, Macintosh fought on the side of the Independent Planets as a bomber pilot against the Anglo-Sino Alliance. Throughout the course of the war, Macintosh was wounded several times and taken prisoner once. After the war’s end, a former Alliance soldier, Maxx Williams, found Macintosh in an employment agency on the planet Persephone. Williams interviewed several pilots, as he was in desperate need of one for his ship, the Aces and Eights, after his last pilot was shot through head in a bar fight. Despite not having the best credentials, Macintosh was chosen by Williams as there was something about Macintosh that the former soldier liked.1

Ross "Rawhide" Macintosh

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